Testosterone Steroids and Their Types

types of testosterone steroidsTestosterone steroids are often used, because they are the most important anabolic androgenic steroids out there. They are easily defined by the ester, and there are different forms and types of testosterone steroids to choose from. Regardless of the option that you choose, the hormone remains the same, but the mode of action, total duration and delivery may vary according to your choice. That’s why users should understand testosterone steroid effects and their pros and cons based on each type.

Testosterone Propionate

It’s all about the original testosterone and its most widely used steroid form, and its major benefits include fast-acting and short ester. The effects and results of this testosterone steroid are similar to others, but its half-life (about 48 hours) makes it very different because users should administer it very often. According to users, this form is reported to be more potent compared to others, but this difference is negligible. It also causes less water retention while being a simple and effective compound, so this steroid form is a solid choice.

However, some people find it a bit difficult to use, or they are sensitive to it, which causes certain discomfort. If you fall into this category, look for other steroid forms with a safe testosterone cycle. Its major gains include increased muscle strength and mass, improved libido, reduced risk of heart diseases, boosted prominence and burned fat. Some of its common side effects include hair loss, acne and reduced natural testosterone (this effect stops after finishing a course).

Testosterone Enanthate

It’s pure testosterone that has a slow-acting ester. This steroid form is quite popular among consumers, and it’s one of the most common types used by performance-enhancing athletes in the world. When it comes to its functional properties, it offers similar results in comparison with the above-mentioned type, if to take it in similar doses.

The half-life of this testosterone steroid is about 15 days, and that’s why users don’t need to administer frequent injections, especially if they use it as hormone replacement. For athletes who want to boost their performance, administering two injections every week is a popular practice to keep blood testosterone levels at their peak levels. It’s a great option for increasing muscle mass, improving metabolic rates and increasing muscle tissues while recovering faster. Its side effects are similar to other testosterone steroids, but the main one is aromatase effect that results in gynecomastia, hypertension, water retention and cholesterol problems.

Testosterone Cypionate

It’s also a slow-acting and long-ester testosterone steroid which earned its popularity because of long-term and short-term effects. Its half-life is about 24 hours longer compared to Enanthate. For example, its short-term benefits include improved drive, motivation, concentration and productivity in addition to a better mood, improved weight loss and enhanced sex drive. Its long-term effects include improved bone development, brain functioning, muscle maintenance, etc.

Cypionate is a very well-tolerated testosterone steroid for many men, so its side effects are easy to control in different ways. They are similar to other forms, including gynecomastia, excess water retention, hair loss, acne and prostate enlargement.